Cuteness overload

I have the cutest niece, no really I do.  Once  you see her I know without a shadow of a doubt you’ll agree.  I feel badly but I took these as her Easter photos and yes, I’m just now getting to edit them. Her birthday is coming up so I’m trying to catch up.  This won’t be the first blog post about Jules, because there is plenty more where this came from. So let’s just rename this post:  Jules part 1.



I wasn’t kidding was I?

Kay R - Oh my gosh! You are right, she is beyond cute! Susan, you take such beautiful portraits. Kay

Father’s Day 2013

We spend a lot of time at the studio, we actually call it the farm. It’s not really a working farm, we don’t even have a barn, however it is a 100 year old farm house so we call it a farm. =)  For our family it’s a little retreat. Some families have a cabin or home “up North”, we have ours “out East”.   It’s so beautiful there around dusk, the sun sets across the street over the cornfield and we always see some sort of wild life.   We like to have a fire in our fire pit and Gus rides around in his power wheels jeep he just got for his birthday. It’s very relaxing, not that where we live is a bustling metropolis or anything, but it’s not as peaceful.

For Father’s Day we grilled out and played a boy vs girls game of tee ball.  I really need to get some batting practice in when Gus isn’t around.

We also remembered Grammy. One year ago my Mom passed away after a fight with liver cancer. Technically tomorrow is her one year anniversary, but she passed on Father’s Day so this will always be her day. Mark doesn’t mind sharing his day.

This last year has been a tough one, and I know there will still be rough days ahead.  Thank you to my family, friends and clients who have been there for me, had hugs for me and have been patient with me.

Thank you.

Happy Father’s Day

Happy Birthday Gus!

My son Gus just turned 5 over the weekend and I got him to cooperate for approximately 5 minutes for a mini photo shoot. Do you think next year I’ll get 6 minutes, is that how it works?  He’s obsessed with monster trucks these days so we went over to the farmer’s field next to the studio and had some fun on a big tire.

18 months and getting cuter by the day

This little stinker had us running all over the studio, I forgot how much an 18 month old can move. =)  I think I got this one when she stopped to catch her breath, it’s her Momma’s favorite.