It’s official- open for business!

Our new studio has been a labor of love, heavy on the labor.;)We’ve painted every square inch at least 3 times, replaced floors, doors and trim, overhauled some crazy electrical and plumbing. It was all worth it because the studio is amazing!

I took my kids to the studio yesterday for my official ribbon cutting yesterday. Mother nature didn’t cooperate well but the kids did. =)


More studio updates

Today is an exciting day because our contractors (Kirt Johnson- from Rockford, IL. If you need a  contractor he’s your man) are wrapping up at the studio. Not sure how, I was out there this morning and there was still a lot of work to be done but I have complete faith in Kirt and Shawn, they are miracle workers.

We are getting so close to finishing!

Here’s a few updates (disclaimer I took all photos with my phone)

Goodbye old tile, hello new floor


Looks so much better


(excuse the mess, it’s one big mess right now)





Bribe we give the kids when they have to come with us to paint

I’m so done with painting, I don’t ever want to paint again. EVERY.SINGLE.SQUARE.INCH had to be painted.

Crazy bathroom remodel. Have you ever seen a window right in the middle of a bathroom wall like that before?

Kitchen is coming along, I painted the cabinets and the floor is in

mess doesn’t begin to describe it right now, but I’m hopeful!