My new studio!

I am so excited about my new studio, it’s been 3 years in the making. I’ve been looking and looking for a space and nothing felt right. I didn’t want to have a “mall studio” or something with too much of a commercial feel to it that felt stuffy. What I envisioned was a place that felt like home, your home. Someplace where you could walk in the door, hang your coat up and feel comfortable.

My studio is a 2000+ square foot, 100 year old farm house located in Cottage Grove, WI. (very easy to find, I promise) It has a natural light studio that is perfect for newborns, and can accommodate large families and everything in between.

Weather permitting we can go outside on the almost acre of land that boasts views of rolling hills, a broken barn, tall grasses and I’ll even let you play on my swing that hangs from the branches of a 100 year old oak tree in my back yard.

As mentioned, the studio is a natural light studio, it has a nursery (we have everything you need for the little ones) a bedroom and the beautiful outdoor settings.

***A side note for husbands/partners and anyone else who does not like picture day.

I get it, I really do. I had a Dad one time lean over to his Brother in Law and say, “When St. Peter sends me to purgatory for my sins, it’s going to be picture day every day!” (that’s a true story)
I know it’s hard, the kids are running around in different directions, it seems like no one is listening and daughter #3 has a crazy smile that she only brings out for photos.

Did I mention my studio has a kitchen? The kitchen also has a refrigerator that I do keep water, sodas, juices and also other carbonated beverages in. Come out to the farm, grab a beverage and relax, I got this. It won’t be painful I promise. I might ask you to play with your kids, maybe kiss your wife, but really that’s it.

You let me handle picture day.

You know now where I shoot, let’s learn about our sessions!