What a great surprise today!

This is a fun story to dust off my neglected blog with. =)

Many people ask me “how did you get so lucky to be at Meriter Hospital photographing all those newborns?”  It’s a long story but it started over 5 years ago. I was asked by my friend Heather to help with a talk on photographing kids she was giving at Blackhawk Church to the  MOMs group. I  told  Heather that I wanted to approach the hospital about newborn photography but I didn’t have any photos to show in  my portfolio. Heather said she’d help me find a model. After our talk Heather approached the first very pregnant Mom she saw, introduced me and asked if I could meet her in the hospital to take photos of her baby. You’d say yes, right? LOL

Well she did say yes and called me a week or so later to say their son was born at Meriter and if I wanted to come over to take photos I was welcome. I went and had such a good time with this new family.

Meet Joseph (who is now over 5 years old)

I submitted the photos I took to Meriter and yada, yada, yada I got the contract! =)

Fast forward to today and while I was at work I walked in to a patient’s room and immediately recognized the Mom but couldn’t place her at first. She smiled and reminded me we met at Blackhawk Church when I offered to take her baby’s photos.

Oh my goodness this is so cool! This family just had baby #4! They left Madison for a few years, came back and now Dad is a Dr. here at Meriter.

Meet baby brother Everett!

I love that they both have little mohawks!  What a fun surprise today. =)

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